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About us

ESAP is a Company created and led by talented and experienced professionals, that offers especialized services in transport logistics and on-road safety, design and construction in public/private civil engineering works and steel structures manufacturing in Antofagasta, Chile.

Our Mission



We focus all of our efforts and talents in offering a high-quality service based on our client’s demands, developing innovative solutions and efficient products according to your requirements and expectations.



We develop innovative processes to consolidate our company as a highly productive leader, that highlights by bringing to our clients attention, professional solutions and excellence.



We believe that our team’s well-being is shown in our results that are presented to you. Our focus is oriented to your success and productivity.



Oriented not only to propose and develop incredible projects, but also to solve all the difficulties that arise in the processes to ensure the growth of our customers.

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We are specialists in the design, manufacturing and assembly of steel structures in Antofagasta.

Structures support, Steel parts, industrial mountings, pipes, ponds, rails, special runway profiles. Also specialized and qualified welding, CNC, submerged arc welding, shaping, services of blasting and painting of metal structures, calculation records, detailing plans, design and verification of workshop warehouses and various metallic structures both for the mining sector, as for the public and private sector.


Design, engineering and civil works

Our experience and professionalism in engineering services, qualify us in facing variety of projects in various productive areas, developing engineering projects step by step, from design, to construction.


Studies and projects in civil engineering: conceptual, basic, and detailed, according to standards and regulations.


Execution and materialization of the designs made by our professional staff of vast experience in the area.


Home and public works for the urban, rural and mining areas.


We perform inspections and technical-economic consultancies according to the requirements of the clients their works’ needs.


Integral transport logistics

We plan, and manage, interacting with the different entities involved thus achieving traceability and complete monitoring in the process of integrated transport logistics.

Route studies, stability and load fixing studies, determination of maximum transport speeds, singularities evaluations, studies in structural behavior of bridges for transport, evaluation of the optimal equipment for transport of loads, feasibility studies, planimetries of transport, evaluation of turning radio, in-field study, professional escorting services.


Private Escort

We count on equipped vehicles in terms of signage and safety to accompany any kind of cargo in the north of Chile. On the road we count on the experience in crisis management, emergency situations and control from the beginning to the end of the work: We do design, plan and execute a customized service according to the complexity of the road.


We count on a fleet of pick-ups completely equipped under Chilean Mining Standards. This service reduces the risks for the special cargo transport on road (overweight and oversize).


Our services are focused to the north of Chile, mainly from the XV Región of Arica y Parinacota to the VI Región Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins.


Our services are available 24/7 the 365 days of the year, including holidays.


ESAP SpA counts on work registering and procedures to every operation for the transport could arrive safely.

  • Safe Work Procedure, escort for special cargo transport.
  • Check List for Light Vehicles.
  • Vehicles’ use Log Book.
  • FEscort Registration Form.
  • Talk Registration Form.

Our main projects

Corporate values

Our corporate culture gives us deeply strengthen values.

We have a true interest to know you and your needs to identify every expectation and fill any of these requirements:

  • - Know the products and services’ features.

  • - Detect every need and priorities of our clients, looking for the best option to satisfy them.

  • - Communicate to our clients every benefit that out company could give them.

  • - Know how satisfied are our clients in every moment.

The harmonious integration of functions and activities , where the responsibilities are shared by the team members. The team work is not only the sum of the individual capacities, but the complementarity, coordination, communication, trust and commitment. Every person has to know its goals and objectives and orientate their doings to the team’s goals accomplishment.

We work with a motivation to reach the next standard level, by metrics, objectives and goals of the company. It is the capacity to put together every action to accomplish the goals stablished.

It is the capacity to do every function and responsibility that are proper to the team under quality standards, looking for the continuous enhancement, proposing the adaptation and modernization of methods and technologies. To share with others the knowledge and expertise.

To optimize the results through the identification, setting up and resolution of problems in an alternative way. To offer original and effective solutions to problems or certain required situations. The ability to establish different knowledge relations, to do new questions and give original answers. To assume the disruption as a normal part of the improvement process.

To do the best effort in every project. To motivate the spirit of overcoming every day, offering to the client all the possible solutions. To gain a real commitment with the team, the company and with the client in the center, always in touch as a constant preoccupation.

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Our Team

Jaqueline Vasquez

Max Ponce Ramirez

Ana Velasquez

Daniel Lazo

Eduardo Castillo

Jose Pino

Zaamir Cobo

Sebastian Pablaza

Sergio Monsalve

Stephanie Galleguillos

Sergio Monsalve

Stephanie Galleguillos


Since 2016, ESAP is located in the actual facilities, in the heart of Antofagasta, to offer an amazing experience to our costumers, with modern spaces and a high-quality security. Is in here where the talented team of ESAP generates the best solutions with high standards to ensure our client’s satisfaction.

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